International Achivements


Uganda Project

Discussion Meeting with Ms Jolley K Sabune, Managing Director of Cotton Development Organisation (CDO) and Mr Benedict Naturinda, National Coordinator Supporting Indian Trade and Investment in Africa (SITA) to the Association on November 29. 2018

Meeting with ITC and SITA Officals

International Chairman Mr B Lakshminarayana and Deputy Chairman Mr G Venkataramachandran at the Fourth Strategic Advisory Committee (SAC) meeting of Supporting Indian Trade and Investment for Africa (SITA) - Best Practices held during May 21-23, 2019 at Addis Ababa, Ethiopia as member of SAC.
Dr M Asha Rani has been engaged as one of the Consultants of ITC

Sigining of MoU with with Cotton Development Organisation (CDO) and National Agricultural Research Organisation (NARO) on November 21, 2019 by SIMA CD & RA Deputy Chairman Mr G Venkataramachandran, CDO Managing Director Mrs Jolly K Sabune. and NARO Director General Dr Ambrose Agona at Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

MoU singed by SIMA CD & RA Deputy Chairman Mr G Venkataramachandran. International Chairman Mr B Lakshminarya is present at the function.

MoU singed by CDO Managing Director Mrs Jolly K Sabune

MoU signed by NARO Director General Dr Ambrose Agona

Dr M Asha Rani accompanied by Dr Milan Sharma of IL & FS Clusters (Consultant for Cotton Development Initiative) visited Uganda during December 10 – 16, 2019. Held discussions with the stakeholders, visited NaSARRI labs, fields and discussed the technical issues and it was mutually agreed to chart down medium-term and long-terms plans to achieve the objectives and also for exchange of germplasms for development of new varieties.

Round table meeting with CDO,NARO, NASARRI and SITA Technical Team on December 11, 2019

Stakeholder meeting on December 12, 2019 at Serere
Visting first and second unit of NaSARRI on December 13, 2019

A team of five scientists from Uganda during February 2-6, 2020 visited

  • SIMA CD & RA’s seed processing unit, farm at Ponneri, Udumalpet and had discussions with the technical staff of the Association and visited nearby farmers fields

  • Tamil Nadu Agricultural University’s Cotton Breeding Section, Insect Museum. Nanotechnology Lan and Mcrobiology Lan

  • M/s Sangeeth Textiles Limited, Annur a leading and yarn exporting mill

  • T Stanes Company Limited’s Bio-technology & Organics Labs

Uganda Scientists Team at farmer's field

Uganda Scientists Team at Sangeeth Textiles Limited

Uganda Scientists at TNAU